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Christopher Rhoades


April 21, 2024

Summer Athlete Camp

Youth Summer Athletic Program tailored for athletes in the age range of 14-18. This program, designed to enhance athletic performance and overall fitness, will run three days a week throughout the summer. (M,W,F).

  • Attend (Up to 3) 60 minute training sessions per week for 8 weeks (6/10-8/2)
  • Days/Time: M/W/F 11:30and and 12:45pm
  • Expert coaching and guidance from our head coach Austin Austermiller Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Focus on strength, muscle building, conditioning, speed, agility, and injury prevention
  • Individualized attention to cater to each athlete's unique needs and goals
  • A supportive and motivating environment conducive to growth and development
  • Beneficial for all sports, but specialize in basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis

Youth Summer Training Program

  • Is your teen athlete dedicated to their sport, seeking to excel amongst like-minded peers?
  • Whether your child dreams of dominating the field, court, or track, our summer group strength and conditioning sessions are designed to elevate their game in a supportive, ego-free environment.

Why Choose Our Summer Program?

  • At Renegade, we understand that every young athlete is unique. That's why we prioritize building strong relationships with each participant, fostering an environment where they can thrive both on and off the field.  
  • Our youth training program is tailored to meet the specific needs of athletes using our semi private personal training format.
  • The summer program offered is for ages 14-18. With structured training sessions, personalized fitness plans, and expert guidance, we empower young athletes to achieve their goals and excel in their chosen sport.

What You Can Expect

✔Effective Strength Training: Our individualized programs focus on developing strength and athleticism, laying the foundation for success in sports and beyond.

✔Personalized Approach: We understand that each athlete has unique needs and goals. That's why we provide personalized guidance in fitness and athletic development.

✔Sport-Specific Improvement: Whether it's improving speed, agility, or endurance, our training will enhance your athlete's performance in their sport of choice.

✔Supportive Environment: At Renegade Fitness, we believe in fostering a motivating and supportive atmosphere where young athletes can thrive and grow.

Ready to take your young athlete's performance to the next level this summer?

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